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December 2018.

Perimeter detection – Wireless, Solar-powered outdoor beams.

Point to point Infra-Red outdoor beams (Rx & Tx). No cabling and power required. Power is obtained through the built-in solar panels on the beams themselves. Detection distance of up to 100m between Rx and Tx units. Ideal for remote sites or where power is a problem. Operational environment temperature range is between – 30 degrees C and 70 degrees C. Working voltage 3.3V. Chargeable LiFePO4li-ion battery. IR wavelength 940nm +/- 20nm.

Typical site where the wireless solar powered beams can be used.



September 2018.

IP CCTV New Releases.

Wisenet (Hanwha Techwin) have just launched two new products into their already impressive and comprehensive range of IP products. The two products launched this month are the 5-Channel PTZ Plus multi-directional camera, the PNM-9320 VQP which applies a PTZ camera to a 4 Channel Multi-directional camera and the XNZ-6320 2MP 32X Zoom Box Camera which is capable of monitoring distant objects using up to a 32X Zoom (4.44 – 142.6mm).

PNM-9320 VQP: Some Key Features: 1) A line-up of a total of 8 compatible lenses, including 5 x 2MP lenses and 3 x 5MP lenses (One can select a lens according to the environment. 2) Simultaneous monitoring capability through the transfer of real-time videos to users with strong multi-streaming performance and the camera also supports various types of video analytic features such as motion detection, loitering detection and facial recognition. 3) The Hanwha Techwin WiseStream II proprietary compression technology maintains high-quality resolution while significantly reducing data size. 4) It also reduces license costs using one IP license with 5 channels. 5) IP66 rating and IK 10 Impact resistance certification.


XNZ-6320: Some Key Features: 1) Stabilization performance through image stabilization using gyro sensor and clear image through 150dB WDR backlight compensation, with defocus detection and fog detection for clear focused monitoring. 2) Supports various types of intelligent video analytics like motion detection and sound classification. 3) Shock detection which enables fast detection when the camera is subjected to hard physical impact. 4) SFP Slot to enable video transfers via optical cable. 5) Hanwha Techwin WiseStream II high-quality resolution which significantly reduces data size.