One of our specialized areas of expertise is in video surveillance and CCTV solutions. In commercial/industrial applications video surveillance equipment is used not only for the purpose of security but there is an ever-increasing requirement for video surveillance in terms of management functions relating to solutions such as point-of-sale, human resource management, marketing functions, access control, off-site video monitoring and video analytics, that is fast taking over from the human element on site.

Our core brand is: Wisenet (Hanwha Techwin)

  • Samsung Security is NOW – Wisenet
    The Hanwha Group acquired Samsung Techwin. Hanwha Techwin has committed to support the transition from Samsung Techwin to Hanwha Wisenet with extensive marketing activities to reassure the market that it is “business as usual’. The rebranding of the Hanwha Wisenet company, as well as the introduction of the Wisenet badge on many of the products, has been successfully achieved without any disruption to business or to its partners.
    Hanwha Wisenet assures that their marketing communications will carry the clear statement “Samsung Security is now WISENET” throughout 2018. They believe that this will assist the brand transition amongst installers and system integrators who are used to seeing the previous branding on our products.

Refer to the link below on Wisenet technical guides and videos.

We also offer:

  • Mazi Security – German technology