System Design

We assist end-users in evaluating site requirements and risks and subsequently propose a suitable solution to address security and fire risks and concerns. Below is an indication of our high-level approach:

Design Approach

To start designing a system, you need to consider and evaluate the site taking with regards to:

  • International best practices
  • The type of facility and on-site criteria


Further considerations include:

  • National key point
  • Intrinsically safe areas
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Hazardous waste areas
  • No-fly zones
  • Wireless and other communication restriction
  • Site layout
  • Size and accessibility of site
  • Perimeter physical barriers in place
  • Entrance and exit gates
  • Building and obstructions on site
  • Lighting on site
  • Environmental influences
  • Weather conditions
  • Geological influences
  • Fauna and flora influence on site
  • Security systems in place
  • Privacy concerns
  • Possible protection risks
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Power
  • Communication
  • Cableways and routes
  • Existing security systems on site
  • Monitoring of systems
  • Reaction to alarm
  • Health and safety requirements and restrictions
  • Screen and on-site indications
  • Client stakeholders
  • Budget


After we conduct a site survey, we establish the following:

  • Client concerns and issues related to the current system
  • Status and age of the current system
  • Detailed site condition evaluation
  • Types of technology available to offer a solution
  • Technology performance
  • Technology limitations
  • Site influences on site, which may influence technology choice
  • Integration of technology into the existing system


We then consider the type of technologies best suited for the facilities requirements, which could include:

  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Video Management Systems
  • Fire Detection Solutions
  • Mobile Barrier Solutions
  • Physical Barrier Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Alarm Intrusion Solutions
  • Perimeter Detection Solutions

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